Our Mission


Always wild, always home-cooked! That is the message we want to send to you with our recipes. These will take you from the simple to the not-so-simple. We cover recipes for all of the major game species both large and small. These are all hand-picked choices for you to try at the campsite, in the backyard, or your kitchen.

You can access this type of healthy, low-fat meat from many different distributors across the United States. Visit our partners page to have access to this meat if you are not a hunter yourself.

At Boondocking Recipes, our mission is to deliver QUALITY recipes to our readers. This is supported by the close relationships we have with the boondocking and hunting communities. We are also committed to providing exceptional SERVICE to our business partners. Most importantly, we strive to maintain a high level of safety for hunters and wildlife on our blog to protect the wildlife resources of the United States. These principles support our desire to be the BEST in the wildlife cooking community.


a collage of wild animals