At at Boondocking Recipes, our goal is to share the knowledge I have gained and recipes I have created. I have been a hunter of wild game all over the world since 1952. I lived the first 32 years of my life on a rice farm in Bayou Meto, Arkansas. Anyone familiar with Mallard duck hunting will know that is the best green timber hunting in the world near Stuttgart, Arkansas.

For me living on the farm hunting for a large part of my yearly food was simply a way of life I was born into. I did that for around 35 years before I began a life of travel and hunting in other places all over the United States.

Myself and my wife Laurel are dedicated to providing you with the best wild game recipes we have accumulated over the years. Most are the recipes we have used for over 50 years but, other are ones we have gotten from other members of the boondocking community we are a part of. Today we travel around the United States and Canada living in a 38 foot motor home and sometimes rooftop tent on our 4Runner.

At the heart of wild game hunting is conservation. We are also dedicated to the preservation of all species of animals. This plays a large part of life as well. We want to make sure that the generations of young people have the same access to wildlife we have enjoyed all of our life.


On A Personal Note:
I went to school there in a two room schoolhouse. We had 2 teachers. Ms. Ragsdale for grades 1 through 3 and Ms. Davis for grades 4 through 6. That school house pictured below has been converted to a hunting lodge and the owners are great local people Steve and Stephanie Bradley. These are the children of a childhood friend Eddie Lumsden. Consider them if you want a great duck hunt on the Grand Prairie. They have the connections to get you to the right place. Here is a link to The Schoolhouse Lodge.


Schoolhouse Lodge


Schoolhouse Lodge